220 West Mersea Road Base 10″ Wheels

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Brand: Mersea Trailers

220 Road Base 10″ Wheels

The most popular way to tow sailing dinghies is by using the combination dinghy trailer. This usually comprises of a road base trailer and launching trolley. This enables you to simply arrive at the water, unclip the launching trolley and slide off, it could not be easier, use a a bit of gravity and you hardly have to put any effort in at all.

All our road bases are available with 8″ or 10″ wheels, a winch can be added for heaver boats. Two types of Jockey wheels will help you move your boat around easily. The soft suspension gives your boat maximum protection and the 190, 220 and 250 gross trailer weight of 300 kg while the 275 and above have a 400 kg GVW.

Mast supports, lighting arms and trailer board are all standard giving you complete peace of mind. All our trailers are type approved with certification to use across Europe legally.

The trailer is made from marine grade galvanised steel.

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Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 220 × 220 × 110 cm