At ILCAdirect we recognise that sailing is a very competitive sport & none more so than the ILCA class.

All ILCA sailors need access to the best equipment & without delay because if you are not racing, sailing or training then somewhere, someone else is…

ILCAdirect aims to provide an “ILCA one-stop shop” with unrivaled service for the availability, supply & delivery of ILCA class legal equipment from complete boats to the smallest component part together with a range of carefully selected accessories. Confidence in our service should enable you to push you & your boat to the limit without having to worry whether or not replacement parts are available, when you might be able to sail again, or feel the need to stock up in advance in case of shortages.

Reliable as the ILCA is we do recommend that every sailor carries a few essential spares in order to guard against loss, “borrowed without permission”, “wear & tear”, theft & breakage. (Basic list in: “Tips, advice & knowledge).

As well as providing ILCA class legal equipment ILCAdirect is able to supply a range of alternatives, where the rules allow, to cater for personal preferences.

All of the equipment that ILCAdirect supplies is ILCA class legal & all the accessories are tried & tested. The accessories have all been chosen & some specially commissioned on their ability to perform on an ILCA so giving you the benefit of our experience. If nothing else it could be regarded as a good starting point enabling you to start competing without disadvantage. Short cutting the initial learning process & so bringing you more quickly to the point at which you become competitive. 

Our control systems are proven to be effective & reliable but we are always learning new ways to do things & also happy to produce systems to your specification. (Basic “No nonsense” settings in: “Tips, advice & knowledge).

ILCA racing is an equipment sport where, like cycling, everything counts although most sailors are somewhat behind the cyclists when it comes to recognising the benefit of “marginal gains”. i.e. where a number of small improvements, insignificant by themselves, add up to give a significant performance advantage. ILCAdirect gives you access to some of those gains.

ILCAdirect also has a range of clothing available which we believe to be suitable for an ILCA sailor. You will notice it comes from a range of suppliers because we believe that no one manufacturer gets it completely right across their entire range. Again you might find that you prefer other brands for certain items but we have tried all the brands something most people do not do. Whilst sailing an ILCA one spends a long time on the water in all conditions & the clothing you choose does inevitably have an effect on performance. The clothing needs, first & foremost, to enable you to perform but it also needs to be effective, comfortable, protective, durable, allow free movement whilst being close fitting & not too expensive (not too expensive because everything costs but you have lots of things to spend your money on & ultimately you may need two sets). 

ILCA Direct are proud to announce we represent Ocean Play in the U.K.

Directors Simon Ogden and Dan Slater have extensive experience working with the the Pico, Bahia, Bug and Vago and all the associated parts, and look forward to keeping you on the water sailing this great range of products!