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ILCA Vang Kit by Harken – Fully ILCA class legal.

The vang is possibly the most crucial of the ILCA controls & certainly the one under most load so you want it to be right.

Harken have been producing this ILCA Vang kit for many years & fundamentally it has not changed however it has been steadily refined.

The lower assembly works really well, cleating & un-cleating relatively easily even under extreme load. The real test of the vang is how easily it un-cleats when on maximum load in that final few meters before the windward mark…

The top block assembly is robust, working effectively & efficiently. Whilst there is a trend towards changing the Harken top block for blocks with a slightly bigger sheave diameter from other manufacturers marketed as “Hi-load” our tests have demonstrated this to be unnecessary. The top block is not the weakest point in the system & this Harken top block (MWL 454Kg & BL 907Kg) is pretty efficient under high load. Since it is impossible to have 100% efficiency the room for improvement is quite small so keeping the bearings clean & well lubricated whilst replacing the primary & secondary lines when they start to wear &/or stiffen up with salt is in fact a bigger factor! The other point to bear in mind is that this Harken block with key is pretty compact & you do not want to unduly reduce the distance available to the secondary block in which to travel.

The kit contains the upgraded key with a thicker flange. Rope Colours may vary but will all be of Elite Quality.

It is unlikely you will be disappointed with this Harken Vang arrangement or that it will let you down.

The kit can be supplied “rigged” with a spliced primary line & low friction secondary line. Email for details –

Buy it, rig it, calibrate it, respect it & get sailing.

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