ILCA, Outhaul, “Antipodean” 8:1 system – Uses Ronstan 30mm “Orbit” block – PRICE ON APPLICATION

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The “Antipodean” outhaul system has the advantage of increasing the mechanical advantage of the ILCA outhaul system to 8:1 from the more usual 6:1 without using any more blocks or increasing the friction in the system. It does however result in slightly more “tail end” in the boat.

The system employs:

2 x Ronstan 30mm “Orbit” blocks on the boom.

1 x 3mm Dynema D12 “Primary” line.

1 x 4mm Dynema/polyester “Secondary” line.

1 x Ronstan 30mm “Orbit” block (with shackle or strop) at the gooseneck.

1 x Ronstan 30mm “Orbit” block (with shackle) at the deck block plate

In addition the clew arrangement of your choice which may be a hook & block.

Please note, this system only fits to PSA Booms. For further information on this system email:

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm