ILCA, Control systems, Rigging of Elite Equipment

£125 inc. VAT

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Rigging of the XD kits as supplied fitted & rigged:

  • The cleat plate with cleats fitted to the hull.
  • The block plate with blocks fitted to the hull.
  • Vang primary spliced to length & rigged.
  • Vang secondary rigged
  • Outhaul primary spliced to length & rigged.
  • Spliced strop for outhaul turning block.
  • Outhaul clew block fitted to outhaul hook& the hook closed up.
  • Outhaul retractor system fitted
  • Strop fitted to outhaul gooseneck turning block
  • Cunningham primary spliced for 6:1 purchase
  • Strop fitted to Cunningham lower block
  • Traveller spliced & fitted
  • Hiking / toe strap shock cord fitted
  • Drinks bottle & shock cord holder.
  • Centreboard retaining system.
  • Centreboard wear pad
  • Mast tether