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Harken, Carbo soft attach block – 18mm single

Sheave diameter – 18mm

Length overall – 28mm

Max working load – 125 Kg

Break load – 450 Kg

Max line diameter – 5mm

Weight – 7.2g

This is  one of an excellent range of ball bearing block designed to be both light & strong.

However its design relies upon being correctly rigged &  care needs to be taken with:

1) That the attachment lines hold the cheeks of the block together & do not pull them apart.

2) That the attachment lines hold the block at the correct  attitude & that the leads are straight.

3) That the blocks are kept clean & not subject to undue rough treatment.

In addition it should be noted that:

1) Splices are better than knots.

2) Blocks with bigger sheave diameters tend to be more efficient than blocks with smaller sheave diameters.


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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 cm