Garmin/Silva compass Laser deck mounting plate – Plate only

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Digital compasses are very definitely “in” at the moment.

However, digital compasses are expensive & some people simply prefer the older style of analogue compass in a ball.

Both digital & analogue compasses use the earths magnetic field for alignment & as far as I am aware are similarly accurate – it is just the digital display exudes an air of greater accuracy.

Since in a small dinghy we are really only able to work to 5 degrees either will do in terms of accuracy.

The biggest advantage of a digital compass is in the fact that it has those bigger numbers making it easier to read for a significant number of people!

As we all know digital compasses are expensive, do not come up for sale very often & if they do are generally still expensive…

However the Garmin/Silva compass can often be found quite cheapy second hand.

I believe the version with the “360 degree” scale is better than the “Tactical” scale since it relates to windward mark bearing & the weather forecast so giving a better overall picture. It also prepares the user for a a switch to a digital compass at a later date.

With this mounting plate you are able to mount the Silva 103 (Compass, 360 degree scale), 103R (“Racing” – Tactical scale) & 103RE (“Racing Elite” – twin red/green scale) onto a Laser/ILCA.

This mounting plate is shaped to fit between the Laser/ILCA deck block plate & the deck cleat plate.

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